FAQ in English

What is a tryout?
- A talent selection trial.

Is New Winners a team?
- No, we're a scouting agency.

What is Scouting?
- It is the process of search and selection of talents in a sport discipline.

What team is the tryout for?
- They are not for a specific team, it is for an Italian agency that works with different teams.

Until what date are the inscriptions?
- Until the quotas expire.

How do I register?
- Directly on the website www.newinners.com, following the steps of the event in which you want to participate.

Do I have to fill out the form to register?
- The form is only for receiving information from our events as a database.

When do they come to my city / state / country?
- When the academies, schools or agencies of those places make contact with us to take our events out.

What happens if you get selected in the tryout?
- You will receive a letter of invitation from the Italian agency ISM (Italian Soccer Management), with all the information regarding the international event.- You will be in direct contact with one of our agents, who will guide you to everything you need for the international trial.

How do I do if I can’t afford the flight ticket and accommodation for Italy?
- With the letters from Italy and New Winners that are given to the most outstanding of the tryout, you can request sponsorship to travel.

Are tryouts just for men's football?
- Yes.

If in Italy I am selected what would happen?
- The agents will come into direct contact with your representative.
- The Italian agents will show you the different options that you can have as an outstanding player in the international event.
- You can get a scholarship linked to football.
- You can get a scholarship percentage for your performance.

How many players will be taken to Italy?
- There is no fixed number, everything depends on the level of the players. The estimated amount is between 16 and 25.

If I do not practice in any team or currently participate in any league, can I still participate?
- Yes, you can participate.

Which country should the selected tryout players go to?
- Italy, specifically Perugia.

Can I be repositioned during Tryouts?
- Yes, the only position we do not change is that of goalkeeper.